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In the 1930s, Christopher L Morgan (CLM) was a stockbroker with McNish & Co, and was also a model railway enthusiast.  He had a growing '0' gauge layout which was becoming increasingly difficult to operate single-handedly, and even with the help of his brother Jack there was limited scope.

Photo believed to be of Christopher Morgan on the golf course in the 1930s

The fastest service was timed at 2 minutes end to end, but a slow on the main line took 27 minutes. There were different timetables for each day and even a fog service. Many locos were clockwork and therefore loco rostering was necessary with certain trains being hauled by specified locos.

 Not all of the track was electrified; what was, used 20v AC on an outside third rail.

The railway was closed from 1940 — 45 and reopened soon after hostilities ceased.   There were some changes until eventually in 1950 there were 21 stations including Littlehaven, a floating dock on the pond.

Watching the trains go by at Rusper in the 1940s or early 50s