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Timetables on the Rusper Railway are in two parts.  The ‘Up’ line is from Hookwood to Rusper and is shown in the top section of each timetable. At Rusper it is shown as ‘Arrivals’ and conversely, the departures from Rusper are shown as ‘Down’ line in all the intermediate station timetables and as ‘Arrivals’ at Hookwood.


The timetable shows the train number, a description of the train and the platform number it should use, followed by the time of arrival and of departure at intermediate stations.  

The timetable shows what bell code is used and the destination of the train.  

Some movements are highlighted - in this case, the branch line trains and a light engine movement are in blue so that they stand out for the signalman.

Part of the control panel at Rusper.  The railway works on analogue control using 12v DC, and sections of track are individually switched live using double-pole centre off switches. In this way at least 2 controllers can be used at each station, although the complexity of Russ Hill station means that 8 controllers are used between the North and South signalboxes.