Based in the London Borough of Bromley (Hayes area)

The issue was that travellers could only change at Russ Hill or Tilgate and it was considered unreasonable that passengers at Hookwood wanting to alight at Smallfield had to travel to Russ Hill.

Accordingly the S&T sought the necessary powers and in 1875 opened a single line extension from Smallfield to a junction with the R&H at Orltons.

Tilgate Joint Railway (RHS&T) and it borrowed stock from both companies to run a passenger service from Smallfield to Charlwood.  Freight traffic was restricted to direct movements to and from Littlehaven.

The two companies were amalgamated on 1st January 1923 as were the other lines in the UK.  The new Rusper Railway became the 5th and smallest of the amalgamated companies.

Following amalgamation the Rusper Railway immediately made a number of changes.  The Tilgate and Rusper goods yards were both under capacity for marshalling purposes, so a new freight yard was opened at Birchfield between the main Tilgate - Russ Hill main line and Prestwood station, access being from Prestwood.  At the same time the marshalling yard at Jordans near Russ Hill was closed.

Immediately the R&H sought running powers over the S&T for through trains from Hookwood to Rusper. After some bargaining this was agreed with the S&T receiving powers to run through from Orltons to Hookwood and from Tilgate to Rusper.  The formal consent was given in late 1876 and the new services began in February 1877.

  Cattle farming near Hookwood

Agreement was reached and a Bill was put before Parliament in 1882.  Work was completed by 1884. The new company was the Rusper, Hookwood, Smallfield and

Jordans Farm