Based in the London Borough of Bromley (Hayes area)

The Footbridge

Instead of crossing the line across the tracks, ‘they’ wanted a footbridge built so, as the person in the headlights, I said yes. It was made out of Plastruct strips, criss-crossed with angle and tube frame, legs and steps. Not only was it at an angle to the platform but I didn't know how to start, so a drawing was done and a skeleton frame was made. I tried to cut the criss-cross strips to fit which, after a fashion, they did. The stairs were made of angle side and treads. The legs were two sizes of tube. I was going to have the large tube stuck to the platforms but stuck them to the bridge legs. Bad move as none of the legs touched the platforms. (See cantilever signal bracket at Charlwood Station for ‘that’s how to do it’) .

The footbridge at Smallfield

Smallfield station – a project by Tony

The Bridge Side and Supports

The old bridge side looked a little worn and the supports were too close together to be able to put your hand under the tracks at Charlwood station. So two birds one stone comes to mind. I made 3 supports out of sheet foam board, put brick paper around them and stuck them down. The bridge side is Plastruct sheet cut to shape with strips glued to sides and all rounded edges. It was then painted and not glued to supports so that when the covers are removed it can be put aside.

The Buildings

Pub:  The old one which I made was damaged beyond repair by a gas leak so it was rebuilt with a beer cellar beside it. The ‘Welcome Home Boys’ sign refers to the cricket team winning an away game; anything for a booze up and the  

drey has just arrived with more beer.

Café:  This is my take on the one on the North Circular Road which we used to go to in the good old days when petrol was a shilling a pint or there abouts. It was made of clear plastic with overlay of strips to represent doors and windows. I need some English motorbikes and black clad rockers to complete.