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Jordans Signalbox - by Tim

Jordans Signalbox is an unmodified Hornby Dublo nicely designed Art Deco style signal box. It retailed at 15s 6d (which would have been 77.5p I think!) in 1958 under ref. 5080 as a Signal Cabin.   To me it looks to be a good model, but what it is based on is a mystery although research suggests similar pictures of brick built versions of this in the old ‘Southern region’ such as Kent.

Some years ago I decided that the box looked too empty and needed detailing and lighting.

I used a detailing kit which I think was from Wills, but it was substantially the same as this picture.  I first put in a small 12v bulb with a paper shade glued to the ceiling and fed the wires across and down the wall. Then I put in a false floor and fitted the lever frame, desk, block instruments, fireplace and a comfy chair! You can’t see much through the window but the signalman has a good view of train movements into the Jordans carriage sidings.  The fire buckets are on hooks attached to the wall, but one seems to have fallen off!

This was a mini project compared to many others completed by members, but I enjoyed it. I think it’s still the only lit model on Rusper!